Floral earrings with Veronica, Dephinium and Heather

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These statement earrings hold real flowers (Delphinium, Veronica and Heather) and foliage.

The flowers have been dried and encapsulated in Eco resin.

Size: 75 mm (length); 43 mm (width).
They are large but very lightweight. Resin is much lighter than glass.

Metal: The pins are surgical stainless steel, the connecting rings and chain are gold plated stainless steel. 

Your earrings will come nicely packaged in a box, ready for gift giving.

The flowers message

Delphinium's symbolical message is: Enjoy the lighter side of life, attract new opportunities, reach your goals. It is also a protective plant.
Heather symbolises good luck and fulfilment of a dream.
Veronica represents truthfulness, loyalty, fidelity, health.


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Total length: 75 mm
Width: 43 mm
The little upper parts : 12 mm

How it was made

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I have handpicked the flowers at a cutting garden, pressed them and covered them with several layers of Eco resin.
Then I sanded the parts by hand and polished them to luster.

Care Instructions

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Resin is a strong and durable material, but it should be treated with care.

- Although it is waterproof, I would recommend to remove your resin jewelry before showering. 
- For rings: please remove your resin ring before washing your hands, or creaming them.
- Keep your resin jewelry away from chemicals and alcohol-based products.
- Do not overheat your resin piece.
- Do not expose resin jewelry to extended amounts of strong sunlight.
- If necessary, wash your jewelry with mild soap and water, and dry it with a soft cloth