Flower wall decoration

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This wall hanging features real pressed flowers: Heather, Erica, Forget-Me-Not, Fern, Queen Anne's Lace.

It's made of clear Eco resin, it is glass-like, but is lightweight and not fragile.

Size: 9x6 cm. It hangs on a faux suede cord.
It will arrive in a pretty Eco cotton bag, ready for gift giving.

The flowers message

Forget Me Not: a very sweet and special flower. It means true and undying love, remembrance, a connection that lasts through time. Forget Me Nots are reminders of your favorite memories together with someone dear.
Queen Anne's Lace: protection from above.
Heather: Good luck and fulfillment of a dream.
Ferns symbolise family, new beginnings, hope for new generations, sincerity. 


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12x8 cm 

How it was made

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I have handpicked the flowers, pressed them and covered them with several layers of Eco resin.
I then sanded the hanger and polished it to luster. The last step was drilling and connecting the cord.
Due to the properties of resin and the flowers, it won't lose its vivid natural colour. 

Care Instructions

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Resin is a strong and durable material, but it should be treated with care.

- Although it is waterproof, I would recommend to remove your resin jewelry before showering. 
- For rings: please remove your resin ring before washing your hands, or creaming them.
- Keep your resin jewelry away from chemicals and alcohol-based products.
- Do not overheat your resin piece.
- Do not expose resin jewelry to extended amounts of strong sunlight.
- If necessary, wash your jewelry with mild soap and water, and dry it with a soft cloth